About us

shutterstock_145937003Clear Blue Pool Management is the ideal choice for pool management.  Our clients include condominium associations, townhouses, apartment complexes, country clubs, and retirement communities.  Our highly trained lifeguards and service technicians have been operating pools in local communities for over 10 years.  Our emphasis on customer service makes us the clear choice for swimming pool management in New Jersey.

We are a medium sized company perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your community.  By maintaining a manageable client list, we are able to provide exceptional pool management services and lifeguard placement.  You will be in direct contact with upper management throughout the entire season and will never feel like your association is merely one of many customers.  Our goal is to give you personalized and responsive service.

Operating since 2003, Clear Blue Pool Management is highly qualified to manage your pool and is proud to have served for over a decade  in New Jersey.  Our clients expect prompt service and immediate results, and that is what we commit to our customers.  We value the opportunity to serve communities in New Jersey, and look forward to many more years of trusted relationships in condominiums and townhomes across the state.